The College Struggle of Exercising

Sometimes college just seems like a toss-up between exercise and extra fries.

Not gunna lie, exercising in college comes with a lot of the same struggles as it does out of college.

  1. Fitting in fitness

Image result for busy

This goes for everyone who is trying to start a workout regime, it is hard to figure out when to fit it in. We sometimes try to keep too busy and that allows for several excuses for why we can’t go to the gym. In all honesty though, we make time for what is important to us. I’m not saying everyone should be in the gym every day, but if someone wants to start working out, they do need to find a time to do it, and stick with it.

  1. Awkwardly running into classmates

Sometimes literally.

Whether it’s the girl you don’t like in your math class, or the boy who you are trying to avoid, interactions at the gym are not necessary for the most part.


  1. Crowded Gym

This goes for gyms everywhere, sometimes a crowded gym just makes you uncomfortable, or at least for those who aren’t really confident in what they’re doing. I am completely guilty of this and would just rather there was just no one there.

Image result for early mornings

What’s worse is that the only time the gym is almost always empty-ish is early in the morning. I understand this is great for some people, but if I wanted to go in the morning, shower, and make it to my 8 AM class, I would need to get up at 5. I can barely drag myself out of bed at 7.

  1. Feeling guilty

Feeling guilty for going, feeling guilty for not going, there sometimes is just no winning.

Some weeks you just seem to have so much going on and so much you need to do that you actually feel guilty for going to the gym just because you aren’t writing that paper or doing those math problems.

  1. Not wanting to walk there

Unless you have the pleasure of being right next to a fitness center on campus, this can often be the reason you do not get in a workout that day. Although most colleges have more than one spot to work out, there is always one that is better or bigger or just has the equipment you like to use in it. campus-snow-2017

This particular struggle is more prevalent when the weather starts to get cold, so congrats to those on nice and warm campuses all year round!

Whether there is ice on the ground or it is just cold, you are less likely to want to walk across campus to go to the workout facility that you like most. Although you could drive, there’s still a voice in the back of your head saying that’s just lazy because the walk over also is just a part of the exercising. Most of the time this ends in just settling with a less ideal workout, or just staying in your room and doing some squats or lunges.

The freshman 15 is a very real thing if you do not take car of your body properly and I would highly suggest trying to fit in exercise. 30 Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15 is a great article with lots of good tips on staying in shape in college practically. One of the tips that helped me the most was simply keeping healthy food in my room and to get a workout buddy!


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