Relieving Stress in College

College is stressful, don’t let it get the best of you.

Although small amounts of stress are alright, there are some serious consequences if you are stressed out all the time.

Last post, I mentioned just a few of the stressors in college. Today, I will be giving you some helpful tips and tricks to help relieve that stress.

  1. Make lists

Make a list for what you need and want to download (4)accomplish during the day and check off the task when it is done. Sometimes you could be doing homework all day and not feel like you’ve accomplished anything but this will help you see that you are getting somewhere and accomplishing tasks. Just having the list will also help you feel more organized and make everything a little less chaotic.

  1. Do something you enjoy

Instead of dwelling on the stress you’re experiencing, take a break to do something you enjoy. Doing homework for hours on end is probably not going to help anyone and you will probably not take any information away from it if you have been at it for several hours. It is important to let your bring rest and reset by taking a break and getting your mind on something else.

Sometimes finding a hobby or something you love doing can be really hard. Between Google and YouTube, you can find a big list of hobbies to get involved in. Hobbies can range from collecting stamps, to hiking, to playing video games and some hobbies are quite strange. I found a video called 48 Successful People with Unique Hobbies  and it really shows how diverse hobbies can be and I encourage you to try to find what you love doing!

  1. Live in the moment

I know that it is extremely easy to just look forward to the big picture and think of everything you have to do to get there, but trust me it is way less stressful if you don’t. It is okay to plan ahead, but when you do, make sure to realize that you don’t have to do everything right now in order to achieve getting to that big picture. It is important to just focus on small tasks and set small goals to achieve along the way so that you do not feel as stressed.

  1. Surround yourself with positive peopleCartoon-Surround-yourself-with-Positive-people-for-Perseka-site-2011-Copyright-Kaveh-Adel-Iranian-American-Cartoonist

This is extremely important. Surrounding yourself with people who will lift you up and tell you that you can succeed are the people you want to be around, especially when you are stressed. It is good to have a support system and just knowing that someone thinks you can tackle anything can really help when you think you can’t do it or don’t think there is enough time in the day.

  1. Try some Breathing Exercises

Lots of people think this takes some elaborate routine or an instructor telling you what to do, but it is extremely simple and can help calm you down in stressful situations. Although there are classes and YouTube videos instructing people on deep breathing, it is something you can do by yourself, in public, without anyone even noticing. When you are freaking out about due dates, relationships, and upcoming tests, stop yourself and just breathe deeply a few times to relax yourself.


6 thoughts on “Relieving Stress in College

  1. This was a very informative post. I am always trying to plan out my weeks but I think I would be much less stressed if I were to live in the moment a little more often. Another thing that I am going to try and utilize that I learned from this post is to start making list. This will allow me to cross things off each time I accomplish something and ensure that I am not forgetting anything. Thank you for sharing such awesome tips!


  2. What a great post that Everyone in our comp class can relate to! I think that all of these tips are great ways to relieve stress, and my personal favorite is to find something you love to do in your freetime. Doing something in your freetime you really help take yourself away from day to day struggles and just have fun.


  3. Don’t knock the hustle, some of us enjoy stress. But your ideas on trying to decrease stress are very useful. So many people on the rise to the top drop because the stress gets to be too much. What do you think is the best way to prevent keeping from being too relaxed but not completely stressed?


    1. I’d say the best way to make sure you are not being “too relaxed,” is to make sure you are still getting everything done that you need to. As long as you get the tasks done that you need, I don’t think taking a day off and relaxing is a bad thing!


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