The struggles of going to a small college

As we near the end of the semester, I am going to look at the struggles of going to a small school and the struggles of going to a bigger school over my next two blogs. First I am going to start on the smaller side of the spectrum, seeing as I personally go to a pretty small school. Although there are quite a few pros, such as smaller classes, less difficulty with parking, and Knowing most (if not all) of your professors, and their teaching style, before you even get into the class. I will also be in touch with individuals from larger schools to get some of their opinions! Also note that I am speaking about public, not private, colleges.

  1. Not a lot of food variety

Both on campus and off campus, there is not a whole lot of choices of where to eat when you are on a small college campus. On campus, there is likely 2-3 places to choose from to eat, and only maybe two of those options will offer a “wide variety” of meals. The cafeteria at a small school is also quite a bit smaller with less food options and seating space inside. The plus of a small school when it comes to dining is that most people eat at a certain time and if you go to eat just afossil017 half an hour out of that time zone there is plenty of seats available.

The food options off campus are also pretty sparse most of the time. The college I attend has very few nice places to eat and not a lot of options for fast food either, as expected for a smaller town. Luckily, there is normally a pretty big sized town within a few hours of every small college so if you really need to get out of the small city and have some different food one day, you can totally just make it a mini road trip.

  1. Have to get creative when it comes to fun

Because of the smallness of the town around you, there probably won’t be a whole lot to do besides messing around in the physical activity center at your campus, going hiking if you are in certain locations, or maybe go swimming if there is an indoor pool in town. Because of this, the campus kind of splits into a few different groups when it comes to what they do for fun; some of the groups include those who: like to party all the time, enjoy the outdoors and all the different activities it can bring you, and maybe even some who think of going to Walmart as a fun time. 15252799Because of this, it is probably smart to find something you enjoy that you can do without expecting the campus to have the equipment (unless it’s a sport or something like that where you can get the equipment easily from an activity center).

  1. Not as many resources

One of the other struggles of a smaller campus is simply that there are usually less resources. For instance, my campus only has one nurse and the town only has one small hospital. There are also less counselors available for individuals to talk to. Most of the time this isn’t really an issue due to the fact that there are not that many students on campus.


3 thoughts on “The struggles of going to a small college

    1. That has been a concern that I have talked about with some of my professors and my peers and I honestly do not think that the size matters when it comes to getting a career started or even trying to get into a graduate school. As far as the prestige out weighing the cons, I think it comes down to the individual and what they want most from a college.


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