The Struggles of Cafeteria Food

If you ever attended a public school, there is a very big chance you encountered some bad cafeteria food, ya know, the food that makes you question what is this even? Well, at most colleges, there is at least one option that is that food every time you go to the cafeteria.

Keep in mind that the cafeteria is not the only place to eat on a college campus because there are often other, smaller places that you can use your meals at.

  1. Picking your poisonImage result for gross food

In the cafeteria, there are often lines you can pick to go through. There will be times when you get into a line because the menu for it sounds like it has a lot of potential, only to find out that it is a classic example of that food that I described earlier. By the time you notice this, you are often at the front of the line and feel bad for leaving. If
you can just tell the people serving that you changed your mind, good for you, but I have some trouble with this so I normally end up panic picking the food that looks safest.

You then just walk to your table, put your plate down, try it, and if you don’t like it, go back to try again. There are instances where you will be pretty surprised to find that it tastes really good, even though it looks unappealing.

  1. Limited healthy options

At most colleges, there is a salad bar with plenty of greens and salad toppings, but download (1)unless you are okay with eating a salad every day, you will need to venture to other options. It’s a pretty safe bet that your college has a display of some sort of fresh fruits.
Although there may not be much variety, this is always a safe bet and a way to get some good nutrients is.

While venturing out to other options, keep in mind that the healthy options may not always look the most appealing. At my college, they sometimes try to do something creative to the grilled chicken or cooked vegetables ect. and sometimes they don’t turn out looking too great. This leads to some trial and error, but usually you will be able to just scrape off that awkward sauce on your chicken or eat around the stuff in the vegetables.

  1. Seating

Seating availability varies with size of college and time of day, but the safest way to guarantee an easy-to-locate spot is to go to meals either before or after the rush.

Also be aware of event going on at your school because there will be days when the cafeteria isImage result for too many people meme just full because of the abundance of teenagers touring the school or the groups participating in quiz bowl in the student center get a free meal and they’re in there. These are days where I personally do not deal with the large crowd and go to one of the other options for food on campus.


  1. Eating alone

No one wants to experience this Image result for alone memethe first time, but there will come a day when your friends are busy, or your schedules conflict, and you just have to man up and do it. The first time you may feel like everyone is staring at you, thinking you must not have any friends, and you may feel awkward. The reality is though, eating alone isn’t so bad and you see people doing it all the time. It isn’t something you need to be embarrassed by and it is important to remember that.

Side note: even if your food is bad, don’t take it out on those serving, it is their job. They probably do not have a choice in what they serve and if they did, they’d probably be serving great food all the time.

Food in the cafeteria can also get boring. If you want some tips on adding some different aspects to your meals, go check out Nine College Food Hacks! Warning: these options are not the healthiest, but they sure do sound tasty if you are looking for a treat!


The College Struggle of Exercising

Sometimes college just seems like a toss-up between exercise and extra fries.

Not gunna lie, exercising in college comes with a lot of the same struggles as it does out of college.

  1. Fitting in fitness

Image result for busy

This goes for everyone who is trying to start a workout regime, it is hard to figure out when to fit it in. We sometimes try to keep too busy and that allows for several excuses for why we can’t go to the gym. In all honesty though, we make time for what is important to us. I’m not saying everyone should be in the gym every day, but if someone wants to start working out, they do need to find a time to do it, and stick with it.

  1. Awkwardly running into classmates

Sometimes literally.

Whether it’s the girl you don’t like in your math class, or the boy who you are trying to avoid, interactions at the gym are not necessary for the most part.


  1. Crowded Gym

This goes for gyms everywhere, sometimes a crowded gym just makes you uncomfortable, or at least for those who aren’t really confident in what they’re doing. I am completely guilty of this and would just rather there was just no one there.

Image result for early mornings

What’s worse is that the only time the gym is almost always empty-ish is early in the morning. I understand this is great for some people, but if I wanted to go in the morning, shower, and make it to my 8 AM class, I would need to get up at 5. I can barely drag myself out of bed at 7.

  1. Feeling guilty

Feeling guilty for going, feeling guilty for not going, there sometimes is just no winning.

Some weeks you just seem to have so much going on and so much you need to do that you actually feel guilty for going to the gym just because you aren’t writing that paper or doing those math problems.

  1. Not wanting to walk there

Unless you have the pleasure of being right next to a fitness center on campus, this can often be the reason you do not get in a workout that day. Although most colleges have more than one spot to work out, there is always one that is better or bigger or just has the equipment you like to use in it. campus-snow-2017

This particular struggle is more prevalent when the weather starts to get cold, so congrats to those on nice and warm campuses all year round!

Whether there is ice on the ground or it is just cold, you are less likely to want to walk across campus to go to the workout facility that you like most. Although you could drive, there’s still a voice in the back of your head saying that’s just lazy because the walk over also is just a part of the exercising. Most of the time this ends in just settling with a less ideal workout, or just staying in your room and doing some squats or lunges.

The freshman 15 is a very real thing if you do not take car of your body properly and I would highly suggest trying to fit in exercise. 30 Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15 is a great article with lots of good tips on staying in shape in college practically. One of the tips that helped me the most was simply keeping healthy food in my room and to get a workout buddy!

The Struggle of Dorm Life

It’s not as glorious as TV shows make it seem.

Most of my very first college friends were made in the dorm I live in on campus. Although I am extremely thankful I chose to live in the dorms, a lot of struggles come with living on campus, these are just a few.

  1. Living with someone you probably don’t know:

Obviously this could come with several problems of its own, but it is actually pretty scary moving in with a stranger; you don’t know their sleeping schedule, how often they clean, if they shower regularly, or if you just plain won’t get along. The college you are attending will often send you information about your roommate and give you ways to contact them, but that does not always assure they will answer your texts or Facebook messages. I was lucky and got a roommate that replied to me and we talked for a month or so before moving in together, but some of my friends could not even hold a conversation with theirs/ get them to reply at all.

My personal advice for this issue is just to be up front with the person you are living with. It is okay to ask them to take out the trash or tell them if something bothers you.

2. Community Bathrooms:

Sharing a bathroom with more than your family is hard. Unless you are living in an apartment style dorm room that has a bathroom in it, you will just have to deal with having to share a bathroom with everyone on your floor. This doesn’t seem so bad so bad at first, because people haven’t gotten comfortable yet, but it gets worse as the year progresses.b809e163a4adaeb8dd84f6c2c6ecef64

By worse, I mean that there are several habits of the other individuals on your
floor that are just disgusting. More and more hair starts to accumulate in the shower, not just on the floor by the drain but also strung on the walls. You will walk in on people watching Netflix while going to the bathroom, and they could potentially be staying in there for more than an hour. You 54dac3109e8d5_-_sev-alexa-bathroom-sign-0110learn who doesn’t wash their hands after they use the restroom and discover too intimate of information about your neighbors.

3. Dorm kitchens:

By kitchen, they most likely mean the loosest form of the word. Not only is the equipment provided frightening to use, it is also sometimes still dirty from the people who were in there before you. If the equipment is locked away somewhere, you often have to go find a RA or someone who has keys to let you into the cupboard or closet where the equipment is located. UF New Second Floor Kitchen revThis comes with its own set of hoops to jump through due to the fact that sometimes there is no RA available, meaning your cooking has to wait. My personal advice is to bring your own basic cooking essentials (mixing bowl, spatula, pans, and measuring cups).

As you begin to cook, you will also have to keep an eye on the oven and check your food often due to the fact that the stove is just wacky and has the chance of cooking way too fast. After the food starts smelling good, you never know who is going to walk in and think it is okay to not only ask for, but expect a portion of the food you made.

Struggles and all, dorm life does teach you how to manage your time around other people’s schedules and appreciate the little things even more when you go home over breaks. If you have some extra time, and want to learn more about dorm life, you should definitely check out the video below!

Intro into the Life of a College Student


Hey all! My name is Laura and I am a college student just trying to
balance studying and classes with everything else. I am new to blogging so you will have to struggle through these first few posts with me.IMG_4757

I am currently studying human biology and minoring in psychology in hopes of becoming an occupational therapist specializing in pediatrics. I have a strong passion for helping people.

One of my best buds, who is one of the individuals who inspired me to be an occupational therapist

I come from a small town and graduated from a class of less than thirty students (pictured below) and now attend a fairly small college. Although I will be writing the posts, I am also going to include experiences of friends that attend college at larger campuses and who have come from different backgrounds.

This is the size f my high school class, only a few were missing for this picture


This blog is all about the daily struggles college students go through and how to tackle them. I will be posting twice a week and encourage any comments or feedback. If you want to get in touch with me, my email is in the contact page of my blog.

Throughout this blog, I hope to convey not only the struggles college students face that are on the surface, but also the emotional struggles of trying to find a balance in your life. Finding a balance between school, social, health, and emotional stability is hard and often college students forget about taking care of their mental and emotional health, which is extremely important.

In college, if you are at an unhealthy mental/emotional point in your life, then it will slowly, but surely, start to affect the other aspects.

College is a true balancing act. I am not going balanceto pretend that I have mastered this act, because I am far off from doing so, but I am learning more every day. In my posts I will also provide some tips and tricks that I have learned thus far through my experiences.

Throughout my first few posts, I will be speaking about the basic struggles, such as dorm life and cafeteria food. As I get better at this whole blogging thing, I will start to address some of the more serious issues that college students face so that I can get these important topics across in a better way as I improve in my writing skills and better adjust to this new experience.

I look forward to being able to communicate with my readers and grow in my writing abilities. Hopefully I will be  help a few of you out and be able to share my college experiences with you!

Below is a video that I (and many other college students) can relate to quite well and I hope you get a chuckle out of it!