Struggles of Having a Roommate


Although I touched on dorm life in one of my first posts, I really did not go deep into the struggles of having a roommate. The truth is, there is no such thing as “the perfect roommate” and you shouldn’t expect one! This post, I will be going through just some of the classic frustrations that I have heard about peoples’ roommates.

  1. Their significant other is in the room all the timedownload (5)

At first, this may not bug you, but eventually you will probably get tired of planning showers, studying, and relaxing around them being there. This situation gets worse when you don’t particularly like their significant other.

  1. They live at their significant others

Some people may count this as a pro, but sometimes your roommate will just basically move out, leaving you with a room that has two people’s stuff in it but with only you actually living there. One of my friends has literally only seen their roommate three times this school year because of this.

  1. They won’t take out the trash102309_trash_philavanh_wanda-003

Enough said.

And if your goal is to make them take out the trash, just tell them, don’t try to play games by not taking out the trash in the hopes they will eventually because that just leads to an overflowing trashcan. Trust me on this one.

  1. Showering isn’t part of their regular routine

I get that different people have different routines, and I’m definitely not saying that everyone needs to shower every single day, but going weeks without showering is pretty gross. Just like with the trash, feel free to approach this one, not for them necessarily, but for your own sake. This honestly could be a big misunderstanding where they are showering, but it’s not when you’re around or something.

  1. Bedtime routines don’t match upsleepin___by_toonpirate-d4gdrsa

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a roommate that goes to bed and wakes up at the same time as you, or at least respects your bedtime schedule. By respect, I mean that they try to be quiet when they are up later than you or if they get up earlier than you they don’t turn all the lights on. Unfortunately, not everyone gets paired with a roommate that is respectful to your sleeping needs. If you get someone who thinks coming in super late, being obnoxiously loud is okay, then you could be in for a very tiring semester. As always, it is perfectly fine to voice your opinion and tell them that you’d prefer if they tried to be quieter. If it continues, feel free to get your RA involved or skip right to just finding a new roommate.

Along with the struggles that come with having a roommate, there are also many pros so don’t let this list scare you away from this crazy adventure! The video below talks about a few of the most common pros and cons of having a roommate!


Let’s get real: The Stressors of College

Although there are many highs of college, there are also some lows.

There are so many stressors in college that most incoming freshman don’t realize, so during this blog I will be listing just a few of the potential stressors then in my next post I will be talking about how to manage and control your stress levels.


  1. Picking a college.

Although this is not necessarily while you are in college, this can be a very hard choice; I mean, it is where you will be spending your next four years at.  It can be extra stressing if your friends have already decided and you still have no idea.

To make this less stressful, try to figure out what YOU want, don’t try to factor in other’s opinions. So many of my peers chose a college just because their friend was going to go there or their parents wanted them to go there. Honestly, the whole college experience is just going to be more stressful at the beginning if you are moving in to a place you let someone else decide for you. That being said, if you do end up at a college that you don’t necessarily want to be at, it will be okay and you will get through it.

  1. Forming friends (and relationships in general)

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When I was first moving in, I was most worried about if I could make new friends. As I went through my first few weeks, I noticed that most everyone shared this concern. After I started branching out and talking with other people on my floor and in my classes, I found this part of college to be really exciting. Although I don’t necessarily believe that the friends I make in college will be my best friends for life, I do believe it is extremely important to find someone who you can goof around with but also have serious talks about life decisions and difficult times.

  1. Picking a major (or deciding if you want to change majors)

This is pretty self-explanatory, especially if you have no idea what you want to do with the rest of your life. My advice here is to find your passion, job shadow a few careers that embrace that passion, then just follow your dreams (I know it’s cheesy, but still).

  1. Time management

In high school, you had your day, from 8-4, mostly planned out for you, and even more of it if you were in sports or clubs of any kind. In college, you only have around three classes a day and it is up to you to fill in the empty time. You have to make the choice of whether you are going to watch Netflix all day, play video games, exercise, do homework, or maybe just do nothing, and you are going to have to sort of plan your day accordingly.

Another part of time management can also include prioritizing classes and knowing what assignments to do when. Everyone has their own way of doing this and I suggest finding a way that works for you. Personally, I like to get the hard stuff done first or the stuff that will take me a while to understand. I also like to get ahead in my easier classes if I have time to, especially if I have a harder test coming up.

  1. Teststop-five.jpg

Although some tests will take minimal studying, there will be some where you study several nights and still have no idea what is going on.

And it’s okay. Everyone goes through this.

  1. Expectations

It doesn’t matter if it is your parents, significant other, friends, teachers, or all of the above, other people expectations of you can start to weigh you down and make you stressed out. This is because we feel the need to meet those expectations (if the expectations are high) or prove them wrong (if they are really low). Whichever one an individual faces, it is sure to bring stress to their life at some point in time. If you are constantly trying to live up to people’s expectations of you and you are tired of it, check out this article about why it is okay to let them go and just do you!