The struggle of mail in college

Getting mail in college in one of the best feelingsimages and never fails to brighten the day of a college student, or at least that’s how it is for my friends and I. Sometimes, getting mail literally makes you feel like you just won the lottery! Just the news that we got mail would absolutely be the highlight of the day. Although it is one of the most joyous parts of college, there are some struggles that can come along with receiving (and sending) mail in college.

  1. Receiving letters

I don’t know about you, but I get so excited when I get a letter from someone. This has definitely been something that has grown with age; as a child I wasn’t all that excited about them. The first few weeks, I received (what felt like)download (7) a lot of letters (it was actually probably around 4-5) from family members and people I cared about back home. Needless to say, I was ecstatic; even if all they said was something along the lines of, “Congrats on this new journey in life, hope college treats you well!”

The struggle of this is that after that first few weeks passed, the letters seemed to cease almost completely. I did receive a few every now and then, but walking past the mail boxes and seeing no real mail in mine did make me a bit upset. The friends I had also noticed this and felt the same way, but we did realize and understand that it is just unreasonable to expect letters to come every week, or even every month.

     2. Receiving packages

Whether you ordered a package online or someone has sent you something, receiving a package won’t always be the easiest thing. I don’t know about all colleges, but at mine, there are two destinations your package can end up. My preferred destination is the dorm’s mail room. This way, all you have to do is track down an RA or your RD and theydownload (8) can get it for you.

The second destination it can go to on my campus is the mail room. This could go
very smoothly, where they send you an email when your package arrives, you have time to go pick it up, and everything is perfect. Unfortunately, this smooth series of events is not always how it plays out. First of all, the mail room can get backed up and when this happens, they may not be able to notify you of your package right away. This is, for the most part, not that important and you will be getting your package in just a few days. When this gets to be more annoying is when the notification to go get the package does not come until Friday and the mail room is about to close. This means that, unless you have been refreshing your email constantly and happen to see it in time to go get it, you will have to wait until Monday to have your package. Once again, this is not that big of a deal, it just requires a little extra patience!

     3. Sending mail

Most colleges have a system where they can mail your lettersmail-forwarding-service(1) or packages for you if you have the stamps on them already. Unfortunately this isn’t always the most reliable system. My friend tried to send a few thank you letters out through her
college one time and they never got where they were supposed to go. Although she may have made a mistake somewhere, there was obviously something wrong with the system. Another friend of mine just said her colleges system takes forever to sort and get the mail on the go. Personally, I have always just taken mine to the post office in town, and that is what I would recommend if the choice is available!


The college struggle of making important life decisions

Now that you are in college and have started learning how to act like an adult and do adult things, you will have to start making adult-like decisions. This process of doing adult-like decisions is adulting. Adulting is hard, and many of the responsibilities can be too. One of the harder responsibilities for indecisive people like me can be the fact that you have to make important decisions. These decisions can also be hard for individuals who aren’t indecisive and I give major props to those of you who thinking making important decisions is a piece of cake. You are not to be messed with.

Most of the struggles of making decisions come down to three main things:

  1. YOU have to make them

 This is not like high school where classes were (basically) decided for you and your schedule was pretty much set for the whole day. In college, there is much more freedom to decide when classes are, how many you have, and more importantly, what they are. There are also many other decisions that you have to make in college that your parents probably mademaking-hard-decisions-concept for you in high school, but you
will have to make them now. I’m not saying that your parents can’t give you any advice or anything, it’s just that in the end, it is your responsibility and your choice to make.

  1. They can be really difficult
  2. They can actually impact your future

Two and three go together really well, so I am going to explain them together. The decisions you make in college can impact your future and be really hard to make for that reason. One of the main decisions that comes to mind when I talk about this is choosing a major or changing your major. This directly impacts the career you go into, what your future will consist of, how much schooling you need, and even what friends you will make. When making hard decisions and adulting, it is important to look ahead to the future and make sure the outcome is what you want.

If you are anything like me, you can go back and forth between two choices for a long time before making a tough decision. In an article on lifehacker, they give a few tips on how to make those life decisions. One of my personal favorites is to pretend like you are giving advice to someone else in your situation. In the video below, a woman briefly describes how to make a hard decision by asking a very simple question.

The Struggle of Staying Motivated in College

As we get closer and closer to the end of the semester, it seems as though motivation is running low. When I say motivation, I am not just talking about the motivation to work out, but also the motivation to keep up with homework, study, save money, basically the motivation for everything is running out. Looking at a blog post from Kalp Education, I found some tips and suggestions for finishing the year out strong by keeping up these simple habits.

  1. Have a workout partner

Having a buddy to workout with really makes it harder to skip the gym. Not only exercise-workout-partner-icons-set-human-pictogram-representing-exercising-49038139does it make it harder to skip going, but it will probably make your time spent there more enjoyable and a little less awkward if you aren’t used to going.

The gym is not only good for your physical health, it is good for your mental health too! Towards the end of the semester with finals coming up and end of the term papers being due, it is important to have a way to destress, and exercising is a perfect way to do so.

  1. Find out how your study best

In the blog post, it states that you should find a quiet place to study, but I slightly disagree. Everyone studies and learns in unique ways and it is important to find a technique that works for you. For some people, studying in a group is what helps them learn best but others learn best from sitting alone with some headphones in just reading through notes. The reason this is a crucial thing to know and practice while we approach finals week is because you are going to want to know how you can most efficiently study. We want this to be efficient so that you are not spending every waking minute studying. Finding an effective method will help de-stress your finals week. Another way to encourage studying is to start thinking of it in a different light and to stop making it a negative task. 5671af68ad8225e9268f862853121fde

If there is a class where you just cannot seem to figure out how to study, always feel free to visit your professor during their office hours. They are there to help you learn.

  1. Keep your head up, and your eyes on the prize

While going through this loss of motivation, it is important to remember why you are going through all of this. Thinking of your end goal will help you to push yourself to do your best and finish out the year strong.

The Struggles of doing Laundry in College

I get it, doing laundry isn’t that big of a deal right? It really isn’t, but with most everything, there are a set of annoyances that come with it when you pair it with the fact that you are at college.

Image result for i don't want to do laundry

  1. You have to do it (and fold it too)

Your parents are not there anymore to help with laundry so you will need to know how to do it (how much soap, what can and can’t be dried completely, what should be hand washed, etc.). It’s just another responsibility to add to the list when it comes to living without your parents (doing adult things can be hard). Sometimes, the hard part is just finding the motivation (and time) to walk yourself there and start the load.

  1. Carrying it there

Maybe you’re lucky and there are laundry facilities on your floor, good for you! But unfortunately, there is also the chance that the laundry facilities are in the basement and you live on the top floor.  This becomes even more unfortunate when all of the washers and dryers are in use.

  1. Having to pay for it

For some lucky people, laundry at their college is free, but chances are, you will be paying for laundry in college. Some people get around this by just bringing their dirty clothes home every weekend, but not everyone lives that close to home or can afford that kind of gas usage.


  1. Other people

For some people, it is not the act of doing laundry at the college that is the bad part, sometimes it is other individual’s habits.

I have experienced, time and time again, that people will just forget their stuff that is in the washer or dryer and just leave it there for ages. There are times when I have gone to do laundry and BOTH laundry rooms were full with loads
that were done and just sitting there. When I come across this, I just take my load back to my room and try to deal with it later, but there are some individuals who are not that patient. Sometimes, when someone leaves their load in the dryer or washer and it is done, someone will take the clothes out and put them on the table or floor so they can start their load.

Another habit that I have noticed is that some people do not know hdryer-2ow to empty their pockets of gum. I am not exaggerating when I say that every time I go down to start laundry, there is gum in at least two of the dryers, and sometimes those two are the only ones open. If you ever do end up with gum on some of your clothing from this, there is a simple way to get it off, that even college kids can do, as described in this video! You could also try just rubbing ice on it instead if that is more appealing to you! 🙂

If you are one of those people who just does not want to deal with laundry, you will unfortunately have to overcome that and just deal with it. The dos and don’ts of doing laundry in college dorms is an article filled with laundry room etiquette and tips to get you through the process!


Intro into the Life of a College Student


Hey all! My name is Laura and I am a college student just trying to
balance studying and classes with everything else. I am new to blogging so you will have to struggle through these first few posts with me.IMG_4757

I am currently studying human biology and minoring in psychology in hopes of becoming an occupational therapist specializing in pediatrics. I have a strong passion for helping people.

One of my best buds, who is one of the individuals who inspired me to be an occupational therapist

I come from a small town and graduated from a class of less than thirty students (pictured below) and now attend a fairly small college. Although I will be writing the posts, I am also going to include experiences of friends that attend college at larger campuses and who have come from different backgrounds.

This is the size f my high school class, only a few were missing for this picture


This blog is all about the daily struggles college students go through and how to tackle them. I will be posting twice a week and encourage any comments or feedback. If you want to get in touch with me, my email is in the contact page of my blog.

Throughout this blog, I hope to convey not only the struggles college students face that are on the surface, but also the emotional struggles of trying to find a balance in your life. Finding a balance between school, social, health, and emotional stability is hard and often college students forget about taking care of their mental and emotional health, which is extremely important.

In college, if you are at an unhealthy mental/emotional point in your life, then it will slowly, but surely, start to affect the other aspects.

College is a true balancing act. I am not going balanceto pretend that I have mastered this act, because I am far off from doing so, but I am learning more every day. In my posts I will also provide some tips and tricks that I have learned thus far through my experiences.

Throughout my first few posts, I will be speaking about the basic struggles, such as dorm life and cafeteria food. As I get better at this whole blogging thing, I will start to address some of the more serious issues that college students face so that I can get these important topics across in a better way as I improve in my writing skills and better adjust to this new experience.

I look forward to being able to communicate with my readers and grow in my writing abilities. Hopefully I will be  help a few of you out and be able to share my college experiences with you!

Below is a video that I (and many other college students) can relate to quite well and I hope you get a chuckle out of it!